Zesteez Artisanal Chutneys Bring Unique, Local Flavor to Anaheim Natural Products Expo West

Zesteez is excited to announce their participation in the Natural Products Expo West (March 11-13th, 2016 in Anaheim, California). Zesteez is a growing brand of artisanal chutneys whose name represents the “zesty” and “easy to use” qualities of the three chutneys they currently offer. Zesteez’ commitment to fresh flavors, unique ingredients, and innovations in cooking perfectly matches the essence of the expo and will leave attendees craving more.

Zesteez is a bold new line of chutneys, each produced responsibly and sustainably in Southern California. While all chutney is based on Indian cuisine, Zesteez chutneys feature a unique twist incorporating elements of California’s culinary flavor in a health-conscious product.  Zesteez chutneys are highly versatile and easy to incorporate into your everyday cooking. They are designed to add a burst of fresh flavor to every bite. Find chutney-infused recipes including tacos, chili, sandwiches, stir-fry, and more at www.zesteez.com/recipes.

IMG_20160129_091323Zesteez is also popular on its own as a simple dip or spread. It is recommended as a salsa alternative to those looking for a new way to enjoy get-togethers in style.

Founder Shruthi Bharathur of Ventura County had noticed a lack of flavorful, savory chutneys in local markets and grocery stores. So she began creating her own delicious recipes in her home kitchen. “After a passionate response from my friends and family, I wanted to find a way to replicate my success at the dinner table on a much larger scale,” Shruthi reflected. Partnering with a local co-packer, she developed her brand and her dream became reality. “I am really ecstatic about Zesteez’ chutneys and the tremendous response we have received from our valued customers. Since starting with the Tomato Chunky Chutney, we’ve added 2 more chutneys – Mango Tango and Mint Cilantro. We are on a mission to make Zesteez a household name and to put chutneys into the American pantry.”

Though new on the commercial market, Zesteez can already be found in stores all over Southern California.

Zesteez chutneys are based on traditions found in South Indian cuisine, with Shruthi’s added culinary flair and a commitment to the finest local ingredients. The complexity of spices and textures work together to invigorate the taste buds and awaken the mouth to fresh flavor profiles you may not have experienced before. All Zesteez products are vegetarian, gluten-free, low sodium, and cholesterol free. The Tomato Chunky Chutney is also a certified Vegan product.

Zesteez invites you to savor every spoonful with their celebration of spices in a jar. To find out more about their products and to see all the latest updates, visit www.zesteez.com, or find their booth at the Anaheim Natural Products Expo this March!

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