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Our Chutneys are versatile, unique and best-of-all, delicious. Use them as a dip,  as a spread on your sandwiches or burgers, use them in your yummy tacos or infuse them in your cooking – the options are endless! You will love the enhanced flavor profile and the added zing like never before! Try them, buy them and you will love ’em! We guarantee it

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Welcome to the world of yummy chutneys!

Chutney is a condiment typically associated with Indian cuisine. It‬ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Catni‘, which means “to lick”. Chutneys can be made from a variety of fruits or vegetables, along with herbs and spices to give it a distinct flavor. Traditional chutneys were ground by hand into a thick, flavorful paste with a mortar and pestle. Given the regional diversity of India and availability of local ingredients, the chutneys can be chunky or resemble a sauce. Depending on the main ingredients used, the chutneys can taste sweet, savory, or even spicy!

Chutneys are very popular and have been localized based on taste and availability of ingredients in different parts of the world. The British make their chutneys sweet with fruits like apples, and American chutneys use cranberries. The flavor palate continues to expand with Caribbean tastes and other regional variants as well.

Chutneys are increasingly enjoyed around the world, and most people encounter the sweet variety. However, you will be surprised by Zesteez’ chutneys! Our chutneys deliver an “explosion of flavors” — spicy, savory, sweet, and tangy

We welcome you to join our journey and explore the world of chutneys!


Our motto is “You’ve got to taste it to believe it!”

Zesteez’ chutneys are extremely versatile. Our ingredients are unique and not what you’d find in a typical supermarket. We use the freshest ingredients and also take extreme care to keep the chutneys refreshingly flavorful. We make Zesteez’ chutneys guilt-free by keeping it low in sodium and using natural sugars.

To start, our chutneys are great as a dip, which is the most common usage. However, Zesteez is “more than just a dip”. Here are some easy ideas to try:

  • Use them on your sandwiches or burgers. All our chutneys work well with spicy, sweet and savory tastes to enrich your meal.
  • Use the Tomato chutney with your cooking, whether in chili, sauteed veggies, pizza sauce or stuffed meat – the options are endless. The combination of spices and flavors will enhance the flavor profile of your recipes.
  • Use it to flavor your rice.
  • Use it as a dip for tempura, coconut, or grilled shrimp.
  • Add Mango chutney to your favorite vinaigrette recipe and enjoy your salad like never before! Add them to your Shrimp tacos to enrich the flavor with bold new tastes
  • Use the Mint-Cilantro chutney on a sandwich or baguette and stack your favorite veggies/meat/cheeses to enjoy a fresh taste accompanied with hint of spices and coconut

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