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Join the chutney revolution with this zesty and easy-to-use “Zesteez” Tomato Chunky Chutney! Inspired by South Indian traditions, enjoy real chunks of tomato with every bite, and savor the delicious combination of bell pepper, red onion, ginger, and spices.

Gluten Free, Cholesterol Free, Vegan & Low Sodium.



  • Zesteez Tomato Chunky Chutney is a zesty new take on the traditional tomato-based chutney, infused with bell pepper, red onion, ginger, and just the right amount of spices. FREE recipe included.
  • Our Tomato Chunky Chutney is packaged in a meticulously crafted glass jar, ensuring the freshest flavors for your use. Real chunks of tomato create a satisfying texture and deliciously chunky consistency. Enjoy the familiar tomato taste, but with a new, zesty bite!
  • Zesteez chutneys bring a unique flavor into your home, inspired by traditions of South Indian cuisine. Zesteez’ innovative take on the complex Indian spice profile makes our chutneys easy to incorporate into your everyday cooking. The Tomato Chunky Chutney is vegan, gluten-free, and low sodium, so most anyone can enjoy this savory addition to their culinary repertoire!
  • Tomato Chunky Chutney is extremely versatile; use it to flavor your meats and veggies, dress up your sandwiches, tacos, or salads, or just use as a simple dip or salsa alternative. The possibilities are endless; refer to our website for more creative recipes and ideas to infuse Zesteez into easy-to-prepare snacks and meals!
  • GLUTEN FREE, CHOLESTEROL FREE, VEGAN, LOW SODIUM: Zesteez’ commitment to keeping our products healthy and simple include using locally sourced ingredients and making our chutneys in small batches in California. No artificial colorings or preservatives used; be sure to keep chutneys refrigerated after opening.

Zesteez Tomato Chunky Chutney

Join the chutney revolution with this zesty and easy-to-use “Zesteez” Tomato Chunky Chutney! Inspired by South Indian traditions, our unique, artisanal chutneys allow almost anyone to enjoy sweet, savory, and spicy flavors in their very own home!

Our Tomato Chunky Chutney starts with a familiar tomato taste, but a zesty twist and just the right amount of heat give this chutney a fresh, unique flavor that sets us apart. Enjoy real chunks of tomato with every bite, and savor the delicious combination of bell pepper, red onion, ginger, and spices.

Infuse Zesteez into your cooking, top off a sandwich or pita, or simply use as a delicious dip or salsa alternative. This three pack of Tomato Chunky Chutney comes with a FREE recipe, and we offer many more recipes on our website for inspiration and ideas on how to incorporate Zesteez chutneys into your everyday cooking! Our chutneys are all gluten-free, cholesterol free, and low sodium. The Tomato Chunky Chutney is vegan. All Zesteez products are of medium heat that is not too mild, and not too spicy.

Zesteez Tomato Chunky Chutney is:

  • Gluten Free
  • Cholesterol Free
  • Vegan
  • Low Sodium
  • Unique Flavors and Taste Profiles
  • Locally Sourced and Made in California

NOTE: Make sure to refrigerate after opening. Zesteez Tomato Chunky Chutney is a vegan product.

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4 reviews for Tomato Chunky Chutney

  1. Aflac-Kitten101

    I had recently just bought the tomato chutney and infused it in several of my cooking recipes. The tomato chutney’s flavor gave a significantly piquant and succulent refreshing taste, with an aromatic smell. I had infused this chutney with a beef stew and as a relish for pork chops. This 5-star tomato chutney is an amazing product packed with loads of flavor and spiciness.

  2. Kevin

    Zesteez Tomato chutney is so good I had to leave this review! I just wish it was sold in more stores! I get it in some specialty stores in the Thousand Oaks area. The spiciness clears out my sinuses every time and it just tastes so good! I never thought of chutney as a dip before, but I use Zesteez in place of salsa these days. I recommend everyone to try Zesteez!

    • Shruthi


      Thank You so much Kevin!! This is such a tremendous boost for Zesteez. We always strive to make the BEST products, and given its unique capabilities, it sure is a winner in every possible way!! Thank you for being such a great supporter of Zesteez.

  3. Denise

    Zesteez tomato chutney (mild) is my favorite so far. I love the fact that I can put it over eggs to zip themi up a bit or use as a dip. Either way is outstanding. I have added it to some of our recipes and it just puts them over the top. Look forward to trying the Mango as well as the recipes I see are on your site. Great product!

    • Shruthi


      Hi Denise – Thanks for your comments! I promise that you will not be disappointed by Mango Tango either. Please share your recipes on-line or send to us and we will add it to our collection! Have a funtastic time with Zesteez chutneys.

  4. John Goodman

    Ever since I first tried Zesteez I have been a fan. This fabulous chutney is great as a chip or piti dip, with eggs, as a condiment on burgers or as an enhancement to just about anything you can put it on! As a foodie, I am constantly looking for new, exciting and healthy products to add to my repertoire of cooking ideas and Zesteez has found a permanent home in my pantry.

    • Shruthi


      Thanks so much for your wonderful comments John and being a huge fan of Zesteez! We will keep you updated on our new flavors that are in development. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any questions about product availability etc

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