Pita dishes are pockets of magic served up on a plate. Offering endless options, they can include salads, meats, rice, or even a colorful medley of crunchy veggies! Whether you’re a culinary novice or a seasoned expert, pita pockets make it easy to mix and match your own ingredients for a delectable and portable meal.

What is Asafoetida?

Indian cuisine is renowned for its complexity of flavors, thanks to the incorporation of a vast array of spices. One such spice largely unfamiliar in the west is asafoetida, known also by its Hindi name, hing. Asafoetida is made from the hard gum resin of the Ferula assafoetida (the species of giant fennel) plant. If you’ve never experienced asafoetida, your journey will likely begin with a trip to your local ethnic or Indian market for just a small container of this yellow or brownish powder. As you open the powder-packed vessel, you’ll realize why you only need the small size; a little goes a long way. For the unprepared, asafoetida can pack quite a sensory wallop. But the magic is in the mixing: bring on hot butter or oil, and the pungent beast is tamed