For the Love of Chutney: From Unique Origins to the Modern Kitchen

Chutney has long been known as a delicious accompaniment to a quick snack or a full family meal. It’s an amalgam of flavors that adds depth to your dishes and a kick to every bite. Here, we explore chutney’s origins, regional flavor differences, and how Zesteez is reimagining chutneys today!

Brief History

In modern times, chutney is typically a side dish or condiment made of spices, fruits, and/or vegetables. The earliest chutneys can be dated back to 500 BC in India, as a method of preserving food similar to pickling, and using a mix of simple spices. Back then, it was considered the vegetable portion of the meal, not just a side dish. The word chutney originates from the Hindi word, chatni, meaning ‘to lick,’ suggesting its delicious and tasty flavors.

Regional Differences

Indian cuisine has recently become a popular choice in our mainstream dining options, but many may not realize or recognize from which region their favorite dishes or flavors originate. There are significant differences in the ingredients, which vary not only from North India to South India, but even among the other regions as well. One of the major differences is that South Indian cuisine tends to be vegetarian, while North Indian cuisine will more often incorporate meat into their dishes.

Indian cuisine in general is known for their extensive uses of spices, and used in varying combinations throughout the country. For example, South Indian cuisine uses a lot of onion and garlic, but a classic combination particular to North Indian cuisine could include onion, tomato, ginger & garlic. However, a spice or an ingredient’s function can vary from region to region, depending on what the purpose is for the chutney, whether it is used for heat, sweet, or savory flavors. Tomatoes are used to give sour flavors in North India, whereas tamarind is favored in South India for sour or even savory flavors as well.  Northern chutneys also tend to have tangy flavors, whereas South Indian chutneys tend to use a lot of lentil, coconut, and tamarind in addition to hot peppers to add heat to their chutney.

Zesteez Versatile Chutneys Made Easy For Your Everyday

Zesteez is proud to provide chutneys that can be used in the conventional way, as a relish or dip accompanying your main meal or a snack.

However, Zesteez brand of gourmet chutneys are also breaking the mould by infusing them into everyday meals, while also giving a nod to the traditions of South Indian cuisine. We feature three unique flavors, Tomato Chunky Chutney, Mango Tango Chutney, and Mint Cilantro Chutney. Each chutney is made with real ingredients, packed with loads of flavor, and all spiced for a medium heat. Tomato Chunky Chutney is true to its name; you’ll find real chunks of tomato in every bite! The Mango Tango Chutney also uses real chunks of mango, with the perfect consistency of ripeness in its sweet and tangy sauce. Our latest flavor, Mint Cilantro Chutney is textured with bits of mint and cilantro, with a hint of coconut for a smoother yet robust flavor profile in this aromatic chutney. Zesteez products are “zesty” and “easy” to use, designed to appeal to a wider audience. Whether you’re an amateur foodie, a seasoned chef, or just an avid gastronomist, Zesteez can be used in any home or professional culinary setting!

We offer a variety of recipes featuring our unparalleled, gourmet brand of Zesteez chutneys in our blog. Zesteez demonstrates that chutney is not just confined to the boundaries of specific cuisines, but can be infused into any dish, given its unique flavor profile. Our chutneys give new life to old recipes, and render amazing flavors with your own original creations!

We invite you to check out our innovative dishes, like our Tacos With Zesty Chutneys featuring our Mango Tango Chutney and Tomato Chunky Chutney, Zesteez Mint Cilantro-Infused Panini, IndoMex Enchiladas with Tomato Chunky Chutney, and more!

Our goal is to bring Zesteez chutneys into every household and demystify Indian cuisine. With that, we make it our mission to provide products produced in a sustainable and responsible manner. Zesteez uses locally sourced ingredients for the freshest flavors, and all of our products are vegetarian, gluten-free, cholesterol free and low sodium. Our Tomato Chunky Chutney and Mint Cilantro Chutney are both vegan, while the Mango Tango Chutney is vegetarian, from the locally-based honey ingredient.

Explore our website and learn more about Zesteez brand chutneys. Follow us on Facebook to find out where Zesteez will be next – for fairs, food demos, and other fun events!

Our Gracious Thanks … 
We would like to thank a couple of very special people who have been so supportive of our Zesteez brand chutneys! New York-based Chef Jonathan Scinto and Arkansas-based food blogger, WhitBit’s Kitchen have welcomed Zesteez into their kitchens and shared their delicious creations with us. We’ve included a few of their dishes in this blog’s collage.

Chef Jonathan Scinto has appeared on MasterChef Season 6, and enjoys the fast-paced, think-on-your feet atmosphere to produce his signature Rustic Modern Cuisine. You can find out more about him on his LinkedIn profile and/or follow him on Facebook.

WhitBit’s Kitchen is a delightful blog featuring international cuisines, with her favorite focus being Indian food. Her delectable creations include vegetarian, meat, and dessert recipes as well. You can explore WhitBit’s mouth-watering dishes on her website, and follow her on Facebook.

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