’ Tomato Chunky Chutney is fresh, flavorful, and tantalizing. These versatile flavors can be used in various  food settings which we have showcased  in our previous blogs.  We also wanted to bring to you additional novel uses with this chutney and asked for Whitney’s help given her amazing repertoire in her delicious blogs and innovative ways of using ingredients and coming out with some mouth watering creative recipes.

Sure enough, Whitney’s usage of Tomato Chunky Chutney has been magnificent. (We have tried out all of her recipes  and the outcome is nothing short of delicious dishes. The flavors of the chutney, it’s spiciness, accentuated by the curry flavors truly is an amazing mix of Indian flavors of a staple dish that is loved by one and all. I am sure  you will enjoy this creative take on pizza sauce and share it with your family and friends . Enjoy!!