About Zesteez

We specialize in unique food products whose flavors, freshness, and ease-of-use is unrivaled in the market.

Zesteez was incubated as an experimental idea in Shruthi’s kitchen. Her search for a perfectly textured, savory chutney featuring fresh flavors came up short in the grocery stores and local markets. A creative chef in her own right, Shruthi soon discovered her own zest for innovative recipes, and envisioned replicating her success in her own kitchen to commercially available products that everyone can enjoy. She partnered with a local co-packer to develop a brand of zesty, easy-to-use products to make her dream into a reality. Shruthi continues to cook up more magic in her kitchen and grow the Zesteez pipeline of unique and novel products!


Zesteez as a well-recognized brand whose products are used by every household.


Zesteez’ mission is to provide customers with innovative food products that are produced responsibly and in a sustainable manner.

About Me

I live in SoCal with my husband and two foodie kids! As a creative chef of the household, I use the freshest ingredients to cook up some hearty dishes. This has inspired me to commercialize my favorite recipes with a home-made feel that can be infused into your every-day cooking.